EMPP team supported a lot of projects on organization of financing, securities issue and regulation of operation of banks, insurance companies and professional market participants, representing interests of creditors, borrowers and professional market participants, including in their relations with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Broad experience of working with financial institutions allows the EMPP team to take into account during organization of financing both high standards and requirements of professional participants, regulators, and corporate objectives of borrowers and business owners.

We are in constant interaction with the largest institutional market players and regulators, tracking the best market practices and forming promising approaches.


  • Bank lending, project and pre-export financing, corporate loans and intra-group financial relations, financing of M&A projects;
  • Syndicated loans and borrowings under Russian and English law;
  • Financing structures design (pledge of shares, participatory interests, property and proprietary rights, independent guarantees, escrow, other mechanisms);
  • Structuring the repayment of borrowed investments and ensuring control over business activities (including via corporate tools: corporate agreements, share options; irrevocable powers of attorney, etc.));
  • Establishment of project entities, regulation of shareholders/participants’ relations therein;
  • Support of bond issues including those secured, its’ restructuring;
  • Drafting legal opinion re borrowers and persons who provided security;
  • Regulatory compliance in regards to professional market participants, credit and non-credit financial institutions;
  • Subordinated bonds issue for banks.


  • Engagement of more than 30 Bank loans in the organization, including those syndicated, both on the side of borrowers and creditors;
  • Restructuring liabilities of a large refining group, accompanied by changes in the security structure and participation of the creditor in the management and control of the borrower's group;
  • Advising one of the largest metallurgical groups on engagement of and restructuring pre-export financing;
Support of more than 50 Eurobond issues and programs, including those secured over Russian and foreign assets, convertible bonds;
  • Subordinated bonds issue for one of the largest banks of Russia;
  • Support of activities of the largest Russian and international banking groups, including VTB, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Citi, as well as matters of industry regulation of the Bank of Russia;
  • Preparation and implementation of internal regulations for one of the largest closed mutual investment fund and its management company.